About us

The story behind VORN Equipment

It all started with a sewing machine in a studio apartment in Trondheim.

The seeds of Vorn and the products it currently offers were sown in 2009 when its founder, Eirik, was out on a wood-grouse hunting trip. After a long day on skis with his rifle hanging over his shoulder, Eirik got home and perused around for a more effective way to carry the firearm, but immediately realized that none of the products on the market met his needs.

Eirik was working on a master’s degree in product development at the time, and this combined with his love for hunting meant that it wasn’t long before the first QRR prototype was ready for testing, and Vorn became a reality. Eirik’s grandfather has always been somewhat of an inventor, and a great influence on his grandson, once saying, “There is already enough junk in the world. If you want to make something, make it properly. ” These words rang true, and now that’s we do at Vorn.

From the studio apartment to the world

Our goal is to offer our products to hunters all over the world. We already have dealers in many parts of the world, and we’d like to see this growth continue in order to offer our products and give all hunters a superior hunting experience.

Whether it be hunting deer in the western part of Norway, bears in Canada, or wild geese in Germany, a Vorn hunting backpack makes carrying your firearm safe, accessible and stable.

The people at Vorn

Everyone who works at Vorn is passionate about hunting or the outdoor life, and has an intrinsic understanding of the importance of first-rate equipment. The fact that most of the employees themselves are hunters means that we have a healthy understanding of the hunter’s needs, and in addition to professional product development knowledge, they can draw on their own experience as a basis for their decisions. Everything we do is done thoroughly, with the belief that decisions should be made on a well-founded basis and that precision is the key to achieving the best possible results.

Vorn currently has 6 employees, all of whom are delighted to be working with a product they have great faith in and which can make the hunting experience better for so many people all over the world.

Our core values


Vorn is committed to high quality being the overriding characteristic of all aspects of the company.



Vorn is committed to innovative thinking, seeking out new angles and constantly striving for changes for the better.



Vorn must be reliable, and perceived as such, towards our customers, dealers and partners.


Hunting backpacks

All of our hunting backpacks feature Quick Rifle Release (QRR).




Vorn Multipouch

Bird net

Rain cover