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The story behind VORN Equipment

The origin of
VORN Eqipment

VORNs story starts in 2009 in Trondheim, Norway, when VORNs founder, Eirik Andersen, studied mechanical engineering during the weekdays, and took the bus up into the mountains to go hunting in the weekends.

The idea behind Vorns patented QRR system was formed on one of these hunts. Andersen had been looking for an alternative to carrying his rifle in a sling, but none of the rifle backpacks on the market offered the level of rifle protection combined with easy access he required. So one day, after being outsmarted by the elusive wood grouse while trying to handle his rifle and ski poles at the same time, Andersen decided to make his own rifle carrying system.

With his background in mechanical engineering the first prototype was quickly created. The parts for the first backpack frame were machined in aluminium and welded together at his University machine shop. Combined with a release mechanism made of bicycle parts and a crudely stitched bag the first VORN backpack was born.

jeger på fjellet

Our product philosophy

A lot has happened since the first prototype was made, but the principles of mechanical engineering have remained the foundation for Vorn`s approach to developing backpacks.

It all depends on understanding the transfer of forces through every material and component we place between you, your rifle and your gear. Whether you are pulling on the release handle, tightening a compression strap or filling the backpack to the brim – our objective is the same. Efficiently transfer the force created to where it should be absorbed by using as few parts and as little material as possible to achieve the desired functionality. When done correctly weight reduction, reliability and the general feeling of quality will follow naturally.

Regardless of what part, material or stitch you examine on our products, we promise you that we have evaluated all possible options we could come up with, and we hope that you agree with the choices we have made.

VORN Today

At VORN, every member of our five-strong team shares a fervent enthusiasm for hunting and the great outdoors, coupled with a deep-rooted comprehension of the essential role quality gear plays. As most of our workforce are seasoned hunters, we possess an innate understanding of the requirements of a hunter, allowing us to infuse professional product development insights with personal experiences to drive our decisions. We believe in meticulously calculated decisions and precision as the pathway to optimal results.

Working at VORN is not just a job for our team, it’s an opportunity to engage with a product they deeply believe in, one capable of enhancing hunting experiences for countless enthusiasts worldwide. Our actions are rooted in belief, conviction, and a commitment to delivering a superior hunting experience through our products.

The people at Vorn

Everyone who works at VORN is passionate about hunting or the outdoor life, and has an intrinsic understanding of the importance of good equipment. The fact that most of our employees  are hunters means that we have a healthy understanding of the hunter’s needs, and in addition to professional product development knowledge, they can draw on their own experience as a basis for their decisions. Everything we do is done thoroughly, with the belief that decisions should be made on a well-founded basis and that precision is the key to achieving the best possible results.


Hunting backpacks

All of our hunting backpacks feature Quick Rifle Release (QRR).

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Vorn LT12 med blaser


Vorn LT12 med blaser