We as hunters are all different in our own ways and have differing priorities during the hunt. Vorn has therefore come up with several additional products that can be used on or with our hunting backpacks.


Recognizing the individuality and unique priorities of each hunter, Vorn has developed an array of supplementary products designed to complement and enhance our hunting backpacks.

For bird hunters, we offer bird nets to facilitate effortless transportation of their quarry. For those intrepid hunters braving harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow, we provide protective covers for both their weapon and backpack. And for hunters seeking additional storage solutions, our detachable Multi Pouch serves as an ideal accessory for carrying extra gear.

By catering to the diverse needs and preferences of hunters, Vorn ensures a customizable and satisfying experience in the great outdoors.

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More space with our Multi Pouch

The versatile Multi Pouch accessory pocket is designed for effortless attachment to the hip belt or shoulder strap of your backpack. Boasting a 2-liter capacity, it offers ample space for a variety of essentials, such as ammunition, binoculars, range finders, food, or any items you need within easy reach. The Multi Pouch is removable, allowing for convenient attachment and detachment from the backpack as needed, providing a seamless and adaptable storage solution for all your hunting expeditions.

Carry your game with our Bird Net

Our Bird Net is conveniently designed for effortless attachment to the back of your Vorn backpack, including all older models and those in the EV series. This practical accessory enables you to transport your game while continuing the hunt unimpeded. The Bird Net is removable, allowing for seamless attachment and detachment as needed. Featuring excellent ventilation and an elastic cord top opening, it ensures a secure and comfortable transportation solution for your game.

Protect your firearm and hunting bag with a rain cover

While hunting, we often face unpredictable weather conditions, including heavy rain or snow. Sometimes, inclement weather can even prove advantageous for hunting, making it essential to safeguard our equipment.

Our Rain Cover provides reliable protection for your backpack and weapon, keeping them dry regardless of the weather. The set comprises a rain cover for your Vorn bag, a cover for your weapon, and a removable blaze panel to ensure high visibility in the field. The complete set conveniently packs into a compact storage bag, occupying minimal space in your gear. Additionally, we offer a Snow Cover designed specifically for camouflage and protection during snowy conditions, ensuring both your backpack and weapon remain snow-free.

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