Are VORN backpacks only for mountain hunters?

Apr 21, 2022 | News

The answer to that question is no. Our hunting backpacks with the patented QRR system work equally well in all forms of hunting. With the firearm well protected in the backpack’s weapon compartment, you have your hands free, allowing easier use of binoculars or other optical or electronic aids.

For all hunters and huntresses

For the dog handler, a comfortable relief for the body during the long days in dense forests or hilly terrain. Many hunters may think that they have no use for a backpack, but we can guarantee that the way you carry your weapon will win over many. A hunting day can look very different depending on several factors.

Vorn products have been an esteemed companion among hunters in 40 countries since 2012. Everything from mountain hunters in Norway, Austria, France, and New Zealand to stalk and driven hunters in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Poland.

Three sizes of VORN backpacks

LT12 at 12L for the hunter or dog handler who wants to bring the necessary to EV30 at 30L and EV45 at 45L for those going to spend several days in the field or need to bring a lot of equipment.

The newly developed rigid frame system in EV30 and EV45 makes your VORN backpack a stable shooting rest that gives you the extra support for slightly longer shots, either in a sitting position or simply lying down.