Are VORN backpacks only for mountain hunters?

Jun 17, 2021

The answer to that question is no. Our hunting backpacks with the patented QRR system work equally well in all forms of hunting. With the firearm well protected in the backpack’s weapon compartment, you have your hands free, allowing easier use of binoculars or other optical or electronic aids.

For all hunters and huntresses

For dog handlers, our products offer an ergonomic reprieve during extended forays into thick forests or hilly landscapes. While many hunters might initially believe they have no need for a backpack, we are confident that the convenience and safety of our weapon carrying system will sway numerous enthusiasts. The experience of a hunting day can vary greatly based on numerous factors.

Since 2012, Vorn products have proudly served as a trusted ally for hunters in over 35 countries. This includes mountain hunters from Norway, Austria, France, and New Zealand, to stalking and driven hunters in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Poland. Our esteemed reputation is a testament to the universal appeal and effectiveness of our designs.

Three sizes of VORN backpacks

We offer three sizes tailored to various hunting needs. The compact LT12, with a 12-liter capacity, caters to hunters or dog handlers who prefer to carry only the essentials. Meanwhile, the EV30 and EV45, offering 30 and 45 liters respectively, are designed for those anticipating extended days in the field or needing to transport a large amount of equipment.

Our recently designed rigid frame system incorporated in the EV30 and EV45 provides a firm, stable shooting rest. This additional support aids in improving accuracy for longer-range shots, whether you’re positioned sitting or comfortably lying down. With VORN backpacks, you’re investing in convenience and functionality that adapts to your hunting style.