Dag Leirdal got rid of his back problems

Dec 19, 2022

Dag is an active and passionate bird hunter who spends most of the year hunting in Finnemarka with his dog Odin, a 7-year-old Münsterländer. When asked how many days he hunts per year, he had to do a bit of thinking to decide, “I have had well over 100 hunting days during the year.” In the conversation with Dag, it also appears that he spends over 100 days preparing and investigating the terrain once the hunting season has ended. An above-average hunter when it comes to enthusiasm.

Dag Leirdal with his VORN Deer

He have tried a lot of different backpacks

Leirdal enjoys walking in his terrains from dawn to dusk, both in mountainous and forest terrain. As an active hunter who spends a lot of time outdoors, it is essential for Dag to bring a backpack along with him that contains all of the equipment he needs. The 44-year-old hunter has tried many products to bring his gear on the hunt. From large backpacks, small backpacks, chair backpacks, and bum bags. “I would dare to say I have tried most of them.”

“I almost couldn’t get up off the sofa.”

Dag Leirdal is an active man in good physical shape, but he still suffered back problems during the first six years of his 10-year hunting career. After hunting both forest birds and grouse, he suffered from a bad back for many days after he finished hunting. “The first 3-4 days after a hunt, I walked with a crooked back and struggled to get up off the sofa. To explain the pain, you can compare it with the muscle soreness you can experience in your thighs after a hard training session at the gym, just that this was in the back.” For several years, he searched for carrying systems and backpacks that might help with this back pain. A lot of time and money was spent on finding the right “medicine,” but nothing helped the back pain disappear. After many years of testing different backpacks, Leirdal made a nice new friend, a VORN Deer hunting backpack. “This changed everything,” he explains.

Dag Leirdal with his VORN EV45

The medicine was VORN

Four years ago, the Viking from Finnemarka wanted a larger hunting backpack. After a lot of searching and recommendations from acquaintances, he ended up with a hunting backpack from VORN, a VORN Deer. “The first impression of the backpack was excellent, and I looked forward to being able to test the backpack!” It didn’t take many days from purchasing his new hunting backpack until Dag was on the mountain in search of forest birds. When Leirdal came home from the hunt, the first thing he did was take a well-deserved shower. Once the scent of a successful hunt was gone, he made his way to the sofa. “This was something I often had anxiety over because I knew what awaited me.” Then something unexpected happened. “I sat there and waited for my back to go out, but it never happened.” After so many years of back problems, Dag Leirdal thought this was a random occurrence and that the pain would return the next time. The time after this, the forest bird hunter was in the midst of an active hunting period and was out a lot with his new VORN backpack. After each trip, he expected the back pain to return, but this never happened. “I finally found the right medicine, and it was VORN.”

Weapon out of the backpack

I didn’t think it would be better, but that’s where I was wrong!

Dag Leirdal has been an avid user of the Vorn Deer for over four years and is very satisfied with the backpack. “When I heard that VORN came out with new backpacks, I thought, can it be better than the one I have?” Even though he was delighted with his hunting backpack from VORN, Dag is interested in equipment, especially hunting equipment.

After having tested a VORN EV45 in both mountainous and forest terrain, we received the following feedback “A perfect backpack. With the new EV frame, the backpack sits like it was cast on the back and is a dream to walk with, both with heavy and lighter loads. I also think that the compression strap is nice, as I have the opportunity to compress the backpack when I don’t have a lot of equipment with me. You said everything was updated and made better on this backpack, and I completely agree! I give it a 10 out of 10.”