Hunting backpacks

Vorn produces high quality hunting backpacks adapted to the needs of the hunter.
They come in three different sizes, each with their own features to suit varying hunting needs and types of hunting.

Hunting backpacks

There are several factors to take into account when making a quality hunting backpack. We as hunters are often out and about for hours on end in rough terrain, and so carrying comfort is of the essence. At the same time, we need to be as quiet as possible during the hunt, so it’s important to have a hunting bag made of silent fabric.

You also need to provide space for the equipment you need for any given hunt and it is advantageous if the backpack allows you to attach additional products such as bird nets, binocular cases or extra bags. A backpack that allows for different types of shooting positions gives us, as hunters, more shooting opportunities and a more effective hunt.

Many of us also prefer to be able to carry the rifle or shotgun in the backpack, while still having quick and easy access to the firearm. These are the qualities you’ll find when you purchase a Vorn hunting backpack.

Why choose a VORN hunting backpack:

– Safe and accessible firearm compartment
– Comfortable to carry
– Made of high quality materials
– Adapted for the hunter and huntress
– Allows easy attachment for accessories
– Silent fabric
– Adapted to different hunting types and needs
– Allows for different shooting positions
– Easy height adjustment adapted to your back

Different hunting backpacks for different needs

Just as there are different types of hunting, hunters have different needs when it comes to hunting backpacks. The biggest variable is often the size of the backpack, where many prefer a larger pack that can holds a lot of equipment, while others prefer hunting lightly.

You’ll often need a tent and sleeping bag when for those overnight trips, while at other times it may just be some food and drink. This is why our hunting backpacks come in three different sizes,  adapted to your needs and your way of hunting. Those sizes are 12 litres, 30 litres and 45 litres.

All backpacks are of course equipped with our patented Quick Rifle Release (QRR) function which ensures that you can carry your weapon both safely and with easy access.

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