Quick rifle release

Aug 19, 2019

What often characterizes a Vorn hunting bag is the magical orange handle you pull to get the weapon out quickly and ready for action. Our patented system means that you have your hands free and can focus on the hunt while you quickly and reliably get the weapon available when you need it.

Safe and protected weapon

The ability to unleash the weapon with a Vorn Hunting Bag is fantastic, but the weapon compartment protecting your gun during the hunt is just as important. The firearm we carry on the hunt often has a significant cost or sentimental value. The optics are also vulnerable to shocks, quickly ruining the entire hunt. By placing your weapon in a Vorn hunting bag, you reduce the chance of optics and weapons being damaged.

It is not about getting the weapon out of the bag as quickly as possible

You get quick access to the firearm with a Vorn sack on your back. However, it is essential to think about safety when carrying your weapon. Here it is not a matter of being as fast as possible, but that the gun gets safely into your hands and that the barrel always points in a safe direction. In addition, in many contexts we want to move slowly so that we do not scare the game.

Practice makes perfect

As with everything else, practice makes perfect. This also applies to effectively removing the weapon from the bag. We recommend that you practice at home, preferably in front of the mirror, before you go out hunting. Then you are sure that the technique is for the hunt.

For inspiration, you can watch our youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLBT3D65qSY