Shooting positions when hunting

Jun 17, 2021

It’s not often as a hunter you get the opportunity to take the shot from a prone position, and with a with a bipod. When hunting, the shooting position often varies depending on the terrain and the situation. The hunting backpacks in Vorn’s EV-series have a completely rigid fiber-reinforced polymer frame that may be used as a support in several different shooting positions.

Standing shooting:

The most common shooting positions for a hunter are standing and sitting shooting, and often the most challenging positions if you do not have stable support for the weapon. We had this in mind when we developed the hunting bags in the EV series, where the hard frame gives you the best possible and stable shooting support to fire good shots on the game or on the shooting range.

For a stable shooting position, place the EV45 or EV30 on a rock or stump to find the right height for you. Then place your weapon on top of the hunting bag. If you want to keep your hand under the gun, put it in the handle on top of the bag for a good grip. 

Seated shooting

This is probably the most used shooting position for hunters around the world. Whether sitting on a tree stump, a rock, or a chair, a sitting position provides more stability than a standing shooting position. However, several prerequisites must be present for a sitting position to give the hunter a stable position to fire good shots. Without shooting support, the height should be between 20-and 25 cm. If you use a chair bag, this height should be checked, as most are too high. Furthermore, it is essential to sit well where it is comfortable for you as a hunter to place the support arm against the knee and the shooting arm against the knee.

If you own or are considering buying a Vorn EV30 or EV45, this hunting bag will be able to give you excellent and stable shooting support based on the rigid frame. You are also not dependent on sitting high as you will also get a good position from the ground. The height is easily adjusted by pulling the backpack towards you.

Prone position

The prone position is the position that will give the hunter the best stability, but it is not always a privilege we have available on the hunting post. A good lying shooting position starts with you lying on your stomach slanted towards where you want to fire. For more stability, the right foot can be pulled up so that the abdomen comes up slightly from the surface you are lying on. The body should rest against the left hip and your lower ribs. If you shoot links, this is the other way around. It is also essential to place the elbow on the arm that supports the weapon at a minimum 30-degree angle to the ground.

For horizontal shooting, bipeds are the recommended tool for best stability. If you do not have a bipod available or need to descend into the shooting position quickly, the hunting bags in the EV series are a stable companion to place weapons on.

Vorn’s tips for becoming a better shooter:

– Do not wait until the last week before the hunt starts to train – Start now!

-We recommend exercising little and often, rather than a lot and rarely.

-Practice in realistic hunting situations when you are on the shooting range. If you use shooting aids for hunting, bring these to practice on the shooting range.

-Remember to be careful when firing your hunting ammunition. If you change ammunition, you must make a new shot.

-If you think that your optics have been shocked, it is essential to take a test shot before hunting.

-Always check your weapon, optics, and hunting equipment before going hunting.

-Vorn recommends the hunter and always bring shooting support with you when hunting.

-Never fire a shot at the game until you are sure of a vital hit.