Frequently asked questions

Here is an overview of frequently asked questions. If you do not find the information you are looking for, get in touch with us.

What is improved with the new backpacks?

Comparing the old backpacks with the ones in the new LT–and EV series is not easy. The reason is that it is entirely different products. There are four parts from the previous backpacks in the new backpacks. 

We have used over two years of product development on the new backpacks. Every part is well thought threw and has a purpose. This has resulted in lighter weight, even better quality, and even better comfort for you as a hunter or huntress. 

We can say that the VORN Fox, VORN Lynx, and VORN Deer were the best hunting backpacks out there. Now they are second best. 

Are Vorn hunting backpacks available in the United States?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have dealers in the United States. However, there are several European resellers that can ship goods to the United States.

Are Vorn hunting backpacks available in Canada?

Yes, they are! You’ll find your nearest reseller here:

Are Vorn hunting backpacks available in the UK and Irland?

Yes, they are! You’ll find your nearest reseller here:

Are Vorn backpacks available in the EU?

Yes, they are! You’ll find your nearest reseller here:

Does VORN offer a warranty on the hunting backpacks?

Yes, all of our hunting backpacks come with a 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

What kind of firearms fit in the backpacks?

Our hunting backpacks are suitable for all conventional rifles and shotguns. This also includes ARs. If your firearm is less conventional, feel free to contact us for advice.

How do I adjust the height of the bacpacks

In this video you’ll find an explanation of how you adjust the height of a Vorn backpack in the EV-series. LT12 and DX30 does not have adjustable shoulder straps.:

How should I wash the backpack?

The backpack should be washed with a damp cloth. It must not be put into the washing machine! More information can be found on the backpack’s care label.

Is there a left-handed version?

We do not make backpacks specially for left-handed shooters, but it is just as easy for heft-handed to use the backpacks as for right-handed. Simply pull the release handle with your left hand and take the firearm with your right. You will in fact have one less grip before you have your firearm ready. If the release handle is in the way when shooting, you can easily unscrew this and more it further up on the shoulder strap

Is the backpack waterproof?

The backpack is made of waterproof fabric but  water may seep in through the seems and the zippers, even with our quality YKK zippers.

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